Fazers go to school!

There are 4 (technically 5) endings in Fazers go to school!

This page will be split up into sections depending on what ending is being talked about.

Good ending.

The good ending is gotten by just playing the game normally, when you get to doops part, where he asks you to go in the basement,

say no and you'll get the ending!

Breaking Bad ending.

To get this ending you have to play the game normally again, and go into doops basement!

Once you're in there, when he says "Ahahha yes, hello marcus i am here to get you addicted to drugs".

Choose the "ok sure" option!

And then choose any of the options then POW! You got the ending!

This ending is really funny to me, idk why but it just made me ROFL on the spot!

Death ending.

This ending is very simple!

You just have to go into doops basement as usual, then when he shoes you the drugs, choose the "steal it and run" option.

Slam! You got the ending!